“Do YOU Need to Sell Your House in Las Vegas… North Las Vegas… or Henderson..?”

of 5 Properties in the Next 45 Days. One of those properties MAY as well be yours… right??” (Watch the Video)

Call or Text Daniel’s 24-Hour Hotline Now at 702-847-5375 to See If We Can Buy Your Home OR Take Over Payments! (I promise, I’m the friendliest bald guy you’ll ever talk to!)

Sell house fast in Las Vegas

  • I will BUY your property IF we can agree on either PRICE or TERMS… meaning if you want full market value for your home, you need to agree to my terms. If you are able to take a discount price for your home, full cash will be paid in as little as 7-14 days.
  • I only do deals that are WIN/WIN. Meaning it must be a WIN for you and it must be a WIN for me.
  • I buy and take over payments of single-family residences, duplexes, triplexes, fourplexes, condos, mobile homes, vacant land
  • Got an Ugly Home that’s Beat-Up, Vacant, Distressed or Falling Apart? No problem, I LOVE those type of homes & will buy ’em cash in “AS-IS” condition. (You don’t pay a cent to fix them up)
  • Got a property that you inherited or it’s going through probate? No problem, I can work with you & the attorney to get you cash for the property.
  • Got a property that is in risk of getting foreclosed on? Damn those banks for wanting to DESTROY your credit! Don’t worry, I can buy it OR get it caught up on & take over payments to help save your credit.
  • Got a property that is PRETTY and in good condition? I will take over the payments for you and pay you top dollar for it.
  • Need to get rid of your property quick — because of a job transfer, you’re moving, you need cash quick, whatever? I’m probably going to be your guy.
  • Am I going to pay you TOP-DOLLAR for your house? Hell no. I wouldn’t make any money and I’m not a charity. Will I help you get a GOOD FAIR price for your home that’s WIN/WIN for both of us? Ding, ding, ding! You betcha, I will! 😉
  • Got a scenario that I haven’t listed above? Give me a call or text and send me a message. I’d LOVE to talk to you! Even if I don’t buy your property OR take over the payments… I can refer you out to the right solution. CALL/TEXT Daniel at 702-847-5375